Account Payables

Your all account payable, that you owe to your vendors/supplier or other associates, can now be tracked by AccountingBook. It is a centralized cloud based space that works on Salesforce platform. It stores all your accounting details, contacts, leads and multiple reports under single platform. You can access it anywhere, anytime from any device.

Record Bills

Keeping track of your short-term debts (accounts payable) and purchase orders is now easy and faster. AccountingBook will maintain all your bills and purchase orders in chronological order for you to easily access from a dedicated centralized space

On the go

Just a big leap into the revolutionary automation of your accounting hassles! Get all your accounts payable records anytime anywhere from any device at your convenient time! No time, device or place constraints.

Track and Pay Bills

Your accounts payable, which you owe to your supplier and associates, is now at your finger tips. Your all time comrade AccountingBook, holds these records and makes things easier for you to track your payable bills and paying bills too.

Apply Bill Payment

This module allows you pay partial or full payments to the bills including multiple bills to the vendors. Keeping every record of bill payment, partial or full, instantly without any hassle making your record keeping simplified and secure.

Check Print Option

AccountBook is also equipped with the potential to let you print the checks directly from the software. You can pay your vendors, employees and general expenses! This makes your work easier! No more trouble looking for checkbook every time you have to pay. You can have a centralized system to observe the payable in your business.

Item Receipt

All your receipts are in place, secure and comfortably stored in AccontingBook. Be it your receipt of inventory, non-inventory items or any other receipt of importance – all is placed under single platform.

Key Metrics

Just like a summarized unified account of all your payable objects, including value of total purchase made, average paying period, opening balance, major products bought etc. in Key Matrix space! Holding all important records of your business safely, confidentially within its shell.

Reports & Dashboards

Now utilize the analytical potential of Salesforce that offers customized dashboards and various reports of your accounting records. Create your own dashboards or can use pre-built ones, and generate as many times and types of reports, given your business needs, to be competitive and enjoy fast processing.