Are you struggling to get more referrals from your Physician Network?

If so, then you are in the right place. Our application helps you track activities with your physicians network, understand referral statistics and increase referrals. This application is built on, and is configured especially for Healthcare Providers in

  • Hospitals
  • Radiology
  • Oncology
  • Pain and Sleep clinics
  • and many more ...

Increase your Referrals and improve Physician Satisfaction

Increase and monitor touch points with your Physicians network.

Execute your Strategy

Marketing Research and Claims Analytics

Referral Analytics to Market Analysis, run in all using built in Business Intelligence.

Be in touch with surveys, emails and communications

Understand Referral Analytics and Increase Referral Activities

Correlate your Activities to that of Referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the licensing for Healthcare CRM: Physician Relationship Management include or license?

No, you will have to purchase a license (or licenses) from We recommend Platform Enterprise License.

What are the licenses supported by this template?

The licenses supported by this template are: Platform Enterprise, Platform Unlimited, Enterprise, and Platform Unlimited.

I see that we get a DBSync license included in the price, how do I use it?

We have been implementing Physician Relationship Management since 2007 and have found that our clients get the most success out of their product if they integrate their EMR, Scheduling System, or Data warehouse to get referral information. Integration software can become very expensive to buy and implement, which is why we have included the license for DBSync (regularly priced between $2500-$4995/year) at a discounted price with our Physician Relationship and Referral Managment application. DBSync is a full featured ETL and integration tool that can easily integrate with databases, files, the platform, and other applications.

Features & Pricing

 Healthcare CRM: Physician Relationship & Referral Management

* Includes DBSync License used for import and data integration

Recommended Platform Enterprise
Built on - click here to see supported features.

Data Migration Service (upto 10,000 records) $150

Customization Services (as required) 

- Salesforce

- Integration with EMR, Scheduling System, Credentialing or backend databases

Physician Relationship Management
Manage Physician Contact
Manage Physician Office Contact
Manage Multiple Physician Location
Manage Physician Relationship with Medical Centers, Hospitals  
Manage inter-relationships between Physicians  
Manage Physician Activities  & Campaigns  
Expense Tracking  
Track and Manage Physician Speaking Engagements  
Track Referrals  
Manage and Track Referral Forecasts  
Manage referral by Medical Center or Service Line  
Reports & Analytics
 Adhoc & Customizable Reports - Tabular, Summary and Matrix  
 Reports by Referral, Payor, DRG Codes and many more  
 Export Reports to Excel or CSV  
 Create and Manage Dashboards  
 Sharing Rules  
 Field Level Security  
 Encrypted Fields  
 Custom Page Layout  
 Create Rules  
 Time based Workflow  
 Real-time outbound XML messages  
 Create Custom fields and easily extend
 API - Integrate external applications
 Integrate with EMR, Databases, Datawarehouse, Flatfile using DBSync