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Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Sales Analytics

Get started with
Sales Analytics
DBSync- Microsoft CRM and Quickbooks

Integration between
MS Dynamics CRM and Quickbooks


  • Gain visibility to the sales pipeline with real time dashboards and contextual analytics
  • Increase client loyalty with inquiry handling and proactive customer service
  • Intuitive solution that helps sales representatives deliver amazing customer experiences
  • Sell smarter by gaining new insights with pre-built Power BI's and interactive dashboards


  • Lowers cost and increase customer satisfaction by combining project management,resource management, communication and business solutions.
  • Effective utilisation of available expertise, higher productivity through collaboration and best practices.
  • Influences higher productivity and increases revenue per employee and firm profitabilty.
  • Improves client engagement through familiar and connected user experiences across organisations.


  • Reduces double entry by eliminating the chances of duplication
  • Robust financial management through insightful accounting reporting tools
  • Clear decision making by real-time information drawn from the sales process
  • Comprehensive view of financial process which enables predictable analysis