Customer Management

Get 360 View of your Customer's and Vendor's transactions, payments, activities and more. Manage all your Sales, Marketing and Support activities with ease and simplicity.

Easy to View

One window to view all. Manage all your books where everything falls into its own place, it just needs a click. Right from Billing & Shipping Address, Contact Details, Credit Card Details to Sales Orders and Invoices, all in a simple to use format. Added to it is the ease of managing the transactions through Invoices or Purchase Orders.

Customer Communication & E-mail

Communication with Customers and Vendors made easy. You can leverage it to send Emails, Plan Events, Track Communications, etc. all at one place. You can even customize your Templates and automate sending emails and reminders.

Data Visibility

Now all your Accounting Data is under your control. Be it Customer Balance, Records, Views, Reviews or any other Data that your Sales may ask for. Every such Data is available with minimum efforts with AccountingBook. It’s easy to view and provides you summarized results of Invoice and Payment records. Not only this but you can also create and manage other transactions like Sales Order and related Inventory Items and create many more reports.

Activity History

Keep your selling, servicing and marketing team on the same page. Get a complete insight of the number of times your customer is contacted by email or a call is logged.